Short & Long Term Storage Modules

Save up to 50% compared to traditional self storage units!

Whether it’s a few items or a houseful of goods - storing for the short or long term has never been easier or more cost effective. Our secure modules are safely stored in our warehouse until you are ready for them. Whether it’s excess items to help de-clutter your house before sale, items you only use seasonally or the entire contents of your home while you are between houses - our storage modules give the best storage solution at the best prices. You can bring the items to our warehouse, load them into the module and then leave them in a secure, dust-free environment until you come to take them to your new home or have them delivered.

Each module is the equivalent of a 1/4 container - measuring internally: 1.73m wide x 2.08m deep x 2.17m high ie 7.8 cubic metres. They hold up to the equivalent of 56 standard removal boxes. Any ‘oversize’ items such as long dining tables or sofas can be stored in our racking system at a nominal cost.

We offer discounts on ‘store and leave’ modules (ie you don’t need to access) or are able to allow access at $50 per time to cover the cost of forklifting the module down and putting it back into storage once you have accessed what you need.

Call us on 02 43 40 1613 or email us here to find out how easy it is to store your goods safely and securely at our discounted rates.

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