Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay area, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast

We have been moving people to the Gold Coast almost every week for the past 30 years and also do frequent removals to Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay, Murwillumbah and the Tweed.

Because we are travelling through these areas, we are able to pick up and deliver goods as we head north and south along the East Coast. We can work out a part-load or back-load price depending on the amount of furniture you need moved and the dates you want the goods picked up and delivered. The more flexible you are, the higher the likelihood we can do a backload rate for you.

The Tweed and Gold Coast is one of the ‘hotspots’ for growth and as a result we travel there at least once, if not twice a week. We specialize in moving people from the Central Coast or Sydney to the North Coast of NSW and Southern Queensland, and vice versa.

Backloading/Part Loads:

We often are able to save money if you want goods moved either further North or back South as we are travelling through your area. It is a cost effective way to have your goods moved if the dates work with when we are heading through.

Few items:

If you have just a few items you would like delivered en route, simply tell us:

  • the items you want moved - please be as specific as possible - timber framed slat double bed and mattress is much better than ‘double bed’,
  • where you live and what the access is like (bearing in mind we may be in a semi-trailer)
  • where you want the items to go and the access there
  • how flexible you are with your dates
  • your contact phone number, email address and the best time to call.

Simply click here and fill in the Few Items Quote Form and we’ll see if we can work it in with another load we are doing.

Moving house:

If it is more than a few items, then please fill out the online quotation form. This will give us the detail we need to give you an accurate quote. Please ensure you include everything including areas you may overlook eg garden sheds, what’s stored in the rafters, outside furniture etc. We need to be certain we can estimate the correct volume.

Also please be specific with the access at both the pick-up and delivery. We generally travel interstate in semi-trailers, so need to assess how we can get your goods from the house/office to the vehicle and vice versa on delivery. High rise apartments pose particular challenges so we appreciate you being as specific as possible regarding lifts etc.Retirement villages, gated communities and high rise all have their unique challenges and the more accurate information you can give us, the better we can give you the best service possible.


If you are travelling south anywhere down the coast to Gosford or further on to Sydney or even further south - we would be happy to give you a ‘backloading’ rate. This is a win-win for both you and us - we get to have our truck travel back with a load which reduces our running costs and you get an experienced removal company move your goods plus save you money.

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