Packing Materials and Cartons

Why Removalist Cartons?

The removalist’s motto is “If it fits in a box - put it in a box’. It makes a HUGE difference on moving day when you follow this key piece of advice.

There are 2 sizes of removal cartons that will make your moving day go much more smoothly: the Standard Size carton which holds most things you need to pack and the book sized carton for heavier items. See below a great video on the most important aspect of moving house - the cartons

It is false economy to think that non removalist cartons will suffice. They are generally only single ply and cannot maintain their integrity when stacked. The same applies to striped bags, odd-shaped cartons including shoe cartons, broccoli boxes and plastic tubs.

If it fits in a removal carton - put it in a removal carton. The loading will go much smoother, the boxes will be easier to handle and the load will be able to be tied off more securely. You can use the smaller boxes, but ensure you put them into a standard removal carton to ensure everything can be loaded well.

If you are packing your own belongings, and live on the Central Coast, we can supply removals cartons at less than cost price for $2 per carton. All that is required is a deposit of $4 per carton and $2 per carton will be refunded on return of the cartons. For people moving interstate with us, there is a flat fee of $3 per carton which is less than half retail price. Delivery can be arranged or you are welcome to visit our depot at 25 Somersby Falls Rd, Somersby

We also supply clean, white butcher’s paper, strong tape and ‘crush’ paper to cushion the base of your boxes if packing crockery or glassware.

What sized cartons should I get?

There are 2 carton sizes we use for removals - standard and book cartons.

Standard Cartons

The standard size cartons are used for most household effects. The men prefer everything you can possibly put into a carton, to go into one eg lampshades, quilts, pillows, cushions, smaller boxes (eg holding toasters etc) as well as all household items.

Book Cartons

If items are particularly heavy, eg books or tools, then please use the smaller book cartons. It is not economical to fill a large box with heavy items, as it may then take 2 men to carry the carton rather than one.

Paper and Tape

We recommend you use clean butcher’s paper to wrap your goods. Some people use newspaper, but you need to ensure they are inkfast. We also supply free ‘crush’ paper for cushioning of items.

We also recommend a strong tape to seal the cartons. Cheaper tape can come unstuck at the most inconvenient of times. We supply tape from our Erina depot or Darren, our estimator will deliver it with the cartons if you are on the Central Coast and have booked to move with us.

What’s Crush?

We wrap all crockery and glassware in new butcher’s paper. We then place it in cartons which have been ‘cushioned’ with ‘crushed’ butcher’s paper. This gives extra protection for the items which are packed ensuring they arrive safely. We are happy to supply crushed butcher’s paper free of charge to our clients. All you need pay for is the carton ($5).

Opening Cartons

To keep the cartons strong, it is important not to pull off the tape as it is very adhesive and will bring some of the layers of cardboard with it. It’s much better to cut the cartons open with a blade or stanley knife - we supply a carton cutter to each of our clients on removal day.


One of the last things you will want to do when you move house, is to iron all your clothes again. Porta-robes are an ideal solution when it comes to moving your hanging clothes. Porta-robes have a hanging bar inside a tall carton which allows your clothes to be protected, carried and put into your new home without crushing them. Supplying porta-robes for each removal is a free service we provide for our clients.

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