Full Cover Transit Insurance

What does Full Cover Transit Insurance offer me?

Full Cover Transit Insurance is available to cover events that are not predicted or expected. It covers loss or damage that is not due to negligence on the part of the carrier.

When no insurance is taken and there is a loss or damage, then it is up to the owner to prove negligence. eg if there is a cracked or broken picture, the client has to prove that it was improperly handled or wrapped. If this can't be proven, then no claim can be made against the removalist.

However, with Full Cover Transit Insurance there is no need to prove negligence. Subject to the policy wording, the claim will be processed without need to prove negligence. This makes the process much less stressful on all parties particularly when the removalist has taken all care and there is no one found to be 'at fault'.

Full Cover Transit Insurance offered by Karis and Gosford Removals covers for
  • Loss of damage to goods following a collision
  • Loss or damage to goods caused by overturning of the vehicle
  • Loss or damage to goods caused by fire and explosion
  • Loss of damage to goods caused by lightning or flood
  • Accidental damage to goods if vehicle not involved in a collision or overturning if there is no proof of negligence but something is missing or damaged
  • Loss or damage to goods during loading or unloading
  • All accidental breakage and loss
What about damage by a Third Party?

Another major advantage of ‘full cover’ transit insurance is protection against loss or damage caused by another party who is not insured. This could be the case if the removal vehicle was involved in an accident with another vehicle which was not insured or the driver was not licensed. With Full Cover Transit Insurance, you are covered.

Inherent Vice or nature

Many items are not made to be carried distances in vehicles, no matter how careful the removalists are. A trip in a vehicle will be one of the greatest tests for inherent weaknesses in goods. There is a specific exclusion in the policy covering 'inherent vice or nature of the subject matter' Although 'inherent vice or nature' cannot be detected prior to a removal - it is very obvious if this is the case.

What does Restricted Cover Transit Insurance offer me?

Restricted Cover covers your goods whilst on the truck in transit

Therefore it covers such things as:

  • Damage or loss following a collision.
  • Overturning of the truck.
  • Loss of damage due to fire or explosion, lightning or flood.
  • Entry of water into the container while goods in transit.

Although Restricted Cover is not as extensive as Full Cover Insurance - it does give some degree of cover for those major occurrences that could unpredictably occur.

Insurance Terms & Conditions

Our Product Disclosure Statement, Financial Services Guide and Insurance Policy can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Financial Services Guide

Insurance Declaration Insurance Declaration

Insurance Policy Wording Insurance Policy Wording

Product Disclosure Statement Product Disclosure Statement

The Insurance Declaration Form will allow you to specify the individual items and their values and then sum up the total for your insurance. It is very important to give an accurate assessment of the value of the goods (see the Insurance Declaration Form above). This is particularly important if there was an accident and the vehicle was written off - only the value declared would be paid.

Full Cover and Restricted Transit Insurance

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