Few Items Storage

Can’t fit everything?

Quite often we have clients who are renovating or renting while they are between houses. They only want to take a minimal amount and rather than moving everything, they prefer to store those items they won’t be needing in the near future.

Our storage allows for anything from a piano or cartons to a houseful. We only charge for the space your goods take up, so you won’t be paying for ‘empty space’. We also recommend that you clearly mark each carton and keep a notebook with a list of what is in each numbered box. Then, if you need change of season clothes or tax files, it will be easy for us to locate them for you.

What we don't store

What we don’t store:

  1. Flammables – not in the truck or the store please! No flammables or aerosols can be carried in the truck and especially not stored either in our bulk warehouse or in a container. Anything with the red “flammable” diamond on it cannot be carried in a removal van. This includes paints and aerosols. Please ensure these items are not packed in any cartons.
  2. No perishables. No matter how well sealed you may think your food is, we would suggest you take all foodstuffs with you except those which are tinned. Tinned goods can be packed in ‘book cartons’ which can accommodate heavier items. Please do NOT store Ratsak - it actually attracts vermin.
  3. We also suggest all irreplaceable items such as jewellery, coin collections etc are kept by you. Important documents such as wills, passports and other vital information should be photocopied and the originals also kept by you.

Secure Self Storage on the Central Coast

Whether you are wanting to store for the long or short term - for business or your own household goods - Karis Self Storage on the Central Coast has a range of units from full garages to a quarter garages to suit your needs.

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